The Good News Pt. 1

Ice bucket challenge donations put to good use.

Last summer we all took part of or knew someone that took part of the ALS bucket challenge. Like any mainstream trend, criticism and conspiracy followed. There were allegations that the donations were not for research but for the salary of the foundations CEO. The good news is, there has been great progress in the treatment of ALS funded by the donations made through the bucket challenge. 

3D printing in medicine.

Doodlebob isn’t near as cool as the amazing technological streaks that 3D printing has achieved in its short existence. The good news is that this technology could help create DNA used to battle cancer cells and reconstruct organs. (Hopefully we can get it out of the hands of Monsanto and other GMO manufacturers.)

A possible vaccine for Ebola.

Lets not forget that although not here but right now there are still countries battling Ebola. Countries like Liberia have dramatically contained the virus but people are still suffering from the fear of another outbreak and the social stigma that the disease has left behind. A vaccine would offer a great peace of mind to every person globally and it will soon, hopefully, be a reality. Obviously, preventing the next global epidemic is something we can all be thankful for!

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