The Good News Pt. 2

1. How to help girls around the world get proper education and supplies for their period.

2. A creative way to use your privilege to help others.
It’s uncomfortable to discuss your privilege when there are millions around the world who either are directly affected by what you’re protected from or have literally died to obtain just SOME of the opportunities you take for granted. It’s based on a system constructed for those who the privilege is meant for which can be different wherever you go and obviously, oppressive. A person with privilege is not a bad person just like anyone that has socioeconomic factors that are determinants of their status in society aren’t lazy, criminals, unfavorable etc.
Use your privilege to speak for those who are silenced.

3. New York offers a summer camp for homeless children.

4. Paying it forward.
A while ago I heard the most comforting quote, “You don’t need to be rich to help others.” The idea seems obvious but when seeing the global crisis and the millions impoverished I couldn’t help but feel anxious to be wealthy enough to live comfortably and help others. Learning about people with much less than me finding ways to express their altruism and compassion for others is incredibly encouraging.
Giving is definitely the gift that keeps on giving.

5. Miami homeless receive medication.
Very rarely are issues discussed and understood by their root. Mental illness and homelessness practically goes hand in hand. As opposed to placing spikes to prevent homeless people from sleeping in public places, local activists here in Miami are HELPING those in need with problems deeper than most of want to talk about.

6. Saudi prince declares that he will donate all of his $32 BILLION dollar fortune to charity.
Whatever misconception or grudge you may hold with Saudi Arabia, there’s no doubt that the Prince declaring to donate his fortune is amazing!

“He said philanthropy is an intrinsic part of his Islamic faith. Gender, race or religious affiliation will not factor into which humanitarian issues are addressed, the announcement stated. “

7. A TRANSPARENT charity that actually delivers your money to aid those in need.
After finding out through various sources that Kiva one of many organizations that lends small microloans to impoverished people all over the world with the money donated from generous donors is actually a huge fraud and is one of the main contributors to the poor becoming more poor I was pessimistic towards organizations and their transparency. Finding this new organization that is starting “small” with their efforts in Haiti is a sight for sore eyes! Although I will be keeping up with them and their transparency!

If you’re interested in learning more about the dangers of micro-finance watch Vice on HBO Kidneyville (S3 E10).

8. Angelina Jolie’s speech on World Refugee Day.

9. 1 million hungry children fed.
The whole “there’s starving kids in Africa!” (or any other country for that matter) has to be my least favorite type of guilt trip since it’s an actual, real life problem that isn’t fixed by someone on the other side of the world finishing a meal. To read that someone out there is helping towards feeding those in need, especially children, makes my heart warm.

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