The Good News Pt.3

You can help refugees and it’s about time you did

With the picture of a toddler (Aylan Kurdi) washing up on the shores of Turkey going viral, people started giving a fuck about the refugee crisis this week. Finally! I’ll admit, I put off reading the story myself because I cannot stomach nor fathom how many other children have been forgotten, dying for a better life. And it’s absolutely sickening when the realization sets in that other countries are willing and able to close their doors and turn people away without even offering some type of assistance. Needless to say, I found myself crying at my work desk reading the story of the young boy’s father and his aunt.
For every person that feels that this problem is far away from themselves and therefore doesn’t act, there are millions of others working towards the greater good.
Here’s just three amazing things that are happening, click the title to view a list of ways to help refugees.
• Germany, one of the only European countries to open its doors to the refugees broke headlines with their generosity. Even their individual citizens have opened their doors.
• The startup and success of Refugees Welcome
• An app designed to reunite refugees with their families, fuck yeah!

The U.S. is finally investing into solar power
Not gonna lie, 3rd grade me would be so disappointed to know that solar and wind power isn’t more of a a “thing” yet. BUT, a step in the right direction is better than nothing!

KitKats will no longer be made with chocolate harvested by children
MY FAVORITE CHOCOLATE IS NO LONGER PROBLEMATIC. Maybe they can donate a portion of their wealth to all the children that lost their childhoods to work in molding the sweetness of mine? Idk. Hopefully Nestle sticks to their word.

Facebook hooking it up with a “Donate Now” button on non-profit profiles

Ty FB.

Plumpy Nut

Not that new of news but I just heard about it! A conversation about the weird ass Soylent “food of the future” with my brother lead to him enlightening me on the fact that someone invented an actual, nourishing product for victims of poverty and/or natural disasters.

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