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For the global citizen: A look into what the human race is up to.

We Gotta Do Better: Pt. 1

  “The people who were trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off. Why should I?”- Bob Marley 2015 was the year we as a species demonstrated just how disconnected and disharmonic we are from eachContinue reading

The Good News Pt.3

You can help refugees and it’s about time you did With the picture of a toddler (Aylan Kurdi) washing up on the shores of Turkey going viral, people started giving a fuck about the refugee crisis this week. Finally! I’llContinue reading

The Good News Pt. 2

1. How to help girls around the world get proper education and supplies for their period. 2. A creative way to use your privilege to help others. It’s uncomfortable to discuss your privilege when there are millions around the worldContinue reading

10 Things We Know To Be True

This weekend I have the honor of attending GlobeMeds leadership institute as ghU coordinator alongside our co-president, Andrea. This weekend will be filled with student leaders interested in the common good of our global community and finding solutions to provideContinue reading

The Good News Pt. 1

Ice bucket challenge donations put to good use. Last summer we all took part of or knew someone that took part of the ALS bucket challenge. Like any mainstream trend, criticism and conspiracy followed. There were allegations that the donationsContinue reading